2020 Elections

Get Out the Word: Get Ready to Vote!

2020 General Election NNCLC Endorsed Candidate List

Washoe County Polling Places & Early Voting Information

You are an essential voterand your vote is needed this fall, now more than ever.

America is facing crises on three critical fronts: a public health pandemic, an economic free fall and longstanding structural racism. And too many of America's working families are suffering needlessly because of ineffectual leaders and their reckless policies.

Working people need safe jobs, economic security and freedom from systemic racism. We need to vote for candidates who share our values, and vote out those who don't.

As we rise to meet the challenges COVID-19 presents to our nation, we know that registering and making sure we can voteby mail or in personwill be critical to making sure working people’s voices are heard and that our values win on Election Day.

We also know that this year, the enemies of democracy will be working harder than ever to suppress our votes and our voices. They will try to make it even more difficult to vote for millions of Americans. So we’ll have to work harder to make sure our votes, and the votes of all working people in this country, are counted.

Make your voice heard this fall. Together, we can truly make America great and build a nation that works for all working people.