Action Alert: Bad Faith Bargaining at March AFB

Northern Nevada labor community, our brothers and sisters at AFGE are asking for our help to contact your senator and let them know that you demand that Air Force Col. Coburn follow the law, sit down with AFGE Local 3854 leaders, and allow them to negotiate fairly.

From George E. McCubbin III, AFGE National Vice President, District 12:

Federal employees at March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, CA, made up of reservists and veterans, have been union members since 1982. In all that time, there has never been any labor unrest. Now, for the first time, workers at March Air Reserve Base are being denied their right to collectively bargain over working conditions. 

March Air Reserve Base has refused to recognize the elected president of AFGE Local 3854, and management has imposed changes to working conditions on hard-working civil servants without first negotiating those changes with its workforce. In doing so, management has taken a dramatic departure from a nearly 40-year relationship of mutual respect between management and employees at March Air Reserve Base. 

Air Force Col. Coburn has been nominated by President Trump for appointment to the rank of Brigadier General even though she has allowed major labor unrest to exist on her watch. I'm asking you to contact your Senators and tell them that  Air Force Col. Melissa A. Coburn must have her management team sit down with the union, follow the law and negotiate a fair deal with AFGE Local 3854. 

In addition, ask your senator to urge inclusion of the House passed Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Bill, (H.R. 3351) in the final FY 2020 final funding measure in order to protect the collective voice of federal workers and force managers like Col. Coburn to follow the law and negotiate with workers at March Air Reserve Base.

Click here or call 866-562-4041 to contact your senator and tell them to support collective bargaining at March Air Reserve Base.

Join me in demanding that management return to the table.