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Keolis Found Guilty of 17 Unfair Labor Practices, NNCLC Congratulates Teamsters 533

Wendy Colborne
19 Jan, 2022
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Keolis Found Guilty of 17 Unfair Labor Practices, NNCLC Congratulates Teamsters 533

 For Immediate Release: January 19, 2021

Contact: / 775-247-4390

January 19, 2022 (Reno, Nev.) - Earlier this week, Keolis Transit was found guilty of seventeen Unfair Labor Practice charges brought by Teamsters Local 533, including their refusal to enforce masking on RTC buses. Riders on all RTC buses will now be required to wear masks for the duration of their journey. Masks will be provided for anyone who does not have one. This is an unqualified victory for worker and community safety. The Northern Nevada Central Labor Council applauds the decision.


“Since the beginning of the pandemic, our local bus operators have been fighting to keep our community safe while providing an essential public service,” said NNCLC President Mike Pilcher. “A big part of that is requiring masks in public spaces, as per state directives. Keolis disagreed and Teamsters Local 533 filed charges to protect both their workers and the public. The arbitrator’s decision in Teamsters 533’s favor on masking - as well as the seventeen other Unfair Labor Practices charges - is a vindication of what workers on the front line have been saying all along. Keolis saw parts of this contract as "merely aspirational" - their words! A contract is more than “merely aspirational.” Keeping the public safe is much more than “merely aspirational.””


“When workers in our community stand together and fight for safety and respect on the job, we win,” said Teamsters Local 533 President Gary Watson. “With the Omicron variant surging in Washoe County, it’s more important than ever that Keolis Transit enforce masking on RTC’s buses to protect our drivers and our community. Even with RTC continuing to make cuts to our local public transit, our drivers continue to serve our community and put themselves on the front line. These decisions will help keep them - and you - safe.” 

You can view the original arbitration documents here and here.




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