Nevada Election 2018: Organized Workers Are The Answer

Brothers and Sisters,

It’s been a long and contentious election season, possibly the most important for Nevada labor in recent history. But we showed up for it by the thousands. We walked, knocked and called, and we talked with hundreds of thousands of voters across Nevada about the candidates and issues that are critical to our working people. And it worked. Nevada voters elected labor champions Steve Sisolak for governor, Jacky Rosen for U.S. Senate, and several pro-union state legislators—some of them union members themselves—sending a clear message that our state is ready to move its working middle class forward.

We are proud of and thankful to all those who devoted your time and energy to the Nevada Labor 2018 program—we could not have done this without you. We’re ready for progress at local, state, and federal levels on key labor issues like a living minimum wage, access to affordable health care, safe working conditions, and long-term stability for Nevada’s workers.

As union members and leaders, we will celebrate these victories, but we will not stop fighting every day for a better life for our members and their families. We will hold our newly-elected and re-elected officials to their promises, and we will be there again in 2020 with a new groundswell of labor to keep pushing us onward into a better future for all of us.

In solidarity,

Mike Pilcher, President
Northern Nevada Central Labor Council