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Susie Martinez Elected NV AFL-CIO Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Wendy Colborne
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August 25, 2021


Shelbie Swartz,, 702-419-9410

Today, the Nevada State AFL-CIO’s membership voted to elect Assemblywoman Susie Martinez as the new Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the state federation. Martinez will be the first woman, and first Latina to serve as the head of the state federation. Martinez is a member of Teamsters Local 986, and served her fellow members as a shop steward.

Martinez released the following statement to mark her election to the head of the state federation:  

“I am truly humbled that my union brothers and sisters have entrusted to me the responsibility to lead our state federation. In our fight for working people, we have the opportunity to advance not only workers’ rights in our state and our nation but also to advocate for the marginalized and overlooked. In this position, I will fight for all working families in our state who should never need to struggle to put a roof over their heads or food on their tables. A union contract is the single best tool we have to close racial and gender wage gaps, and to ensure dignity and due process for workers—and I will fight with every avenue available to me as Executive Secretary-Treasurer to remove barriers to organizing and bargaining for my fellow workers. I also want to honor the work and sacrifice of those who come before, and I thank Rusty McAllister for his hard work to restore the state federation’s solid footing within our movement.”

Rusty McAllister, the outgoing Executive Secretary-Treasurer, shared the following statement as he heads into retirement: 

“It has been the honor of my life to serve my union brothers and sisters as the Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Nevada State AFL-CIO. I am so proud of all that the labor movement has accomplished the last four years, and I cannot wait to see all that is accomplished as time goes on. I have full confidence in Susie Martinez to continue fighting for the working people of Nevada, and know that our movement is in good hands! The solidarity I have witnessed from our union siblings during my tenure reminded me every day why we do this work—to protect one another and our fellow workers. I know that Susie Martinez will uphold that mission well, and I wish her all the best in their time in the office of the Executive Secretary-Treasurer.”

Liz Sorenson, the President of the Nevada State AFL-CIO, released the below statement:

“Rusty McAllister has served our state federation well, ensuring that we are and remain on solid financial footing, and expanding on our movement by bringing 27 new local unions into the fold of the Nevada State AFL-CIO. He will be sorely missed, and it has been an honor to work alongside him during his tenure. But now, with Susie in the position of Executive Secretary-Treasurer, I know that our movement will continue to grow and provide working Nevadans with the union difference: better benefits, better workplace conditions, and better paychecks. I am looking forward to working alongside Susie Martinez and I am eager to begin our work together!”

Press release available here.