Teamsters L533 Vote Down Underwhelming Contract Offer

Affiliates, Brothers and Sisters,

Our brothers and sisters at Teamsters Local 533 are once again standing tall to protect the long-term future of public transit in Washoe County.

Yesterday, they overwhelmingly voted down an insufficient offer from Keolis, the French contractor for public bus operations at RTC Washoe.

The result is strike number three against Keolis.  See this op-ed for details and clarity:

I am once again asking for your support. Please donate to ULAN Teamsters L533 strike fund to help our brothers and sisters in labor make ends meet - especially with the holidays approaching. They are struggling, but are determined to protect the future of public transit. A brighter future for our community and union transportation workers in Northern Nevada rests in the outcome. They will not give up. We must stand in solidarity with them. I know that you will have their backs and appreciate your response.

Please send checks to:
United Labor Agency of Nevada
1201 N. Decatur Blvd. Suite 106
Las Vegas, NV 89108
Attn: Teamsters Keolis Strike 

In Solidarity,

Mike Pilcher
Northern Nevada Central Labor Council - President
Nevada AFL-CIO Executive Board